The Spiraling World of Crocheting and Fun.

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For those of you who simply love to craft with yarn, I understand. That’s how I feel too. That’s why I found myself playing around with crocheting and came up with a few unique twists on the craft. I refer to it as – Loopweaving®. It’s still crocheting from a mostly ‘Spiral’ perspective and the technique is easy to learn.

Spiraling is fun too! You’ll find a free tutorial off to the right of things to get you going. It explains in simple terminology and illustration how to spiral, after that well the sky’s the limit. You can make all the creative containers you can view off to the right of this blog and a few patterns you can purchase just to get started.

My favorite are what I refer to as  “li’l pots of joy”. They are fast and easy to create and make wonderful gifts! You won’t find them anywhere else. The first patterns I’ve made available for you to purchase are the Li’l Pots of Joy and the vert popular hotpads.

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And with Loopweaving® there will be many other wonderful yarn container designs for you to fashion, using only a crochet hook and yarn.


Here’s a short video from 6 years ago of Franky and Jonny as newly arrived Loopweaving helpers. Enjoy:

I do welcome you, and now let’s get you started. All you need is some yarn and a crochet hook to get started. practice learning the basics of spiraling by viewing the free video as frequently as needed. When you think you’ve got the basics down order the patterns for both the hotpads and the li’l Pots of Joy. They go great together.

To Learn about the important connections of spirals in life go here:

To read about the history of the “li’l Pots of Joy” and what makes them so special and fun go here:

To view the free “how-to Spiral” video go here:

To order the directions for the hotpads and Li’l Pots of Joy go here:

That’s all for now, Have fun and and enjoy the process.

~ Penny

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