The Spiraling World of Magic, Meditation and Fun.

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For those of you who simply love to craft with yarn, I understand. That’s how I feel too.

On this website (coming very soon) you will learn about  a unique  crafting skill – Loopweaving®. It’s actually crocheting with a ‘twist’ or should I say ‘Spiral’ and the technique is easy to learn.

And Spiraling is fun!

Those adorable “li’l pots of joy” are easy to create and make such lovely gifts! You won’t find them anywhere else. And with Loopweaving® there will be many other wonderful yarn container designs for you to fashion, using only a crochet hook and yarn.


For a preview peak, look off to the right and click on one of the pictures.  These represent just a very small sample of what can be created with the Loopweaving® method. I am looking forward to passing on this skill to all potential apprentices. (more about that later).  

There will also be a fun gallery filled with photos and videos of my Loopweaver helper kitty cats. Since they were babies they’ve been nearby to lend a hand or “paw” – LOL! Now their big boys but their love for yarn has never diminished.

Here’s a short video from 6 years ago of Franky and Jonny as newly arrived Loopweaving helpers. Enjoy:

I do welcome you, and although it’s been a long time in the works – finally the one and only Loopweaving®, is getting ready to return. You will only find it here. No where else in the world!

Stay tuned for the grand opening of this website in the near future! 


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